Nico (vilakins) wrote,

A warm and happy birthday!

Happy birthday to astrogirl2!

redstarrobot wanted a story about fire yesterday, so this covers both. 180 words.


"Dammit, Vila", Blake banged his fist against his midriff, "you overdid the chilli a bit, didn't you?"

"A decent vinders should be hot!"

Avon grinned wolfishly at Blake. "And I thought a rebel like you advocated fire in the belly."

Blake belched softly. "Not that sort."

"I daresay that since you wouldn't let him use candles on Gan's cake--"

"Open flames on a spaceship."

"--he went for another sort of fire."

"Hey," said Vila, offended, "that had nothing to do with it! That was a standard vindaloo!"

"It was a very nice birthday dinner, Vila." Gan leaned back in his chair, satisfied. "It warmed me up in more ways than one."

Vila grinned.

"I liked it too," said Cally.

"I could tell." Jenna bit savagely into an emergency corned-beef sandwich. Cally ate anything and surprising amounts of it too. Her eyes widened. "Pursuit ships closing fast," she said in a bread-muffled voice.

"Oh, wonderful." Vila sat bolt upright and cleared the neutron blasters. "Perfect end to a good meal."

"Don't waste time talking," said Avon, contradicting himself. "Fire!"

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