Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Lost and its successor

I saw the final two episodes of Lost's season 1 last week; I'll miss it till it returns next year.

Ooh, good stuff! It's fairly obvious now that very advanced tech or something occult (please let it be tech and possibly aliens) is being used on the island, what with those translucent dark things we and Kate and Jack see. Locke seemed to have no fear of the 'security system', actually going calmly and deliberately to meet it, till the last moment anyway, and for some reason he was OK with being dragged underground. What does he know about it? After all, he's met it before and came back saying only that the island was magical. What did he see? I do like a mystery; solutions are often so banal. I hope this one isn't.

The humans on the motor boat can't be 'the others'; they're too ordinary. Perhaps they're previous captives who elected to work for them. I was curious about the blonde woman on the boat but she looks too young to be Danielle's child. I now that there are 42 survivors and the number's been kept constant--Boone dies and Aaron is born--so now Arzt is dead, I'm guessing that the new female I've heard is in season 2 will be Danielle's 16-year-old daughter.

I'm puzzled about the presence of dynamite on a ship of that age; it predates its invention. Oh and the black smoke brazier not having footprints around it could be due to it being lit while it was below the high tide mark.

Lost is being replaced by Desperate Housewives. Now all I know about this is that they're all impossibly beautiful (hey, what has US TV got against real people?), it revived Teri Hatcher's career, and it's as popular in the US as Lost. Now the posters I've seen around town of scantily-clad females who look like models have put me right off. I read somewhere recently that people love to watch the rich and beautiful, but I positively don't. Give me Fat Friends or Teachers any day.

So tell me, those of you who've seen this, is it worth leaving the season pass on the TiVo and giving it a go? Is it clever, witty, and intelligent, or is it the crap soap it looks like to me?

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