Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Baroque geeks!

I went to a book sale yesterday. There wasn't that much that appealed actually, but we have Quicksilver, prequel to Neal Stephenson's wonderful Cryptonomicon (which was all about geeks, nerds, and cryptology and a rollicking good read). Quicksilver is first in the 'Baroque Cycle' planned trilogy. spacefall, you've got to get this, it's basically baroque geeks! There might also be Jesuits; there was a wonderful one in Cryptonomicon.

Not that I can read it yet, Greg's claimed it first.

It does have the most entertaining author's bio I've read though:

Neal Stephenson issueth from a Clan of yeomen, itinerant Parsons, Ingenieurs, and Natural Philosophers that hath long dwelt in bucolick marches and rural Shires of his native Land, and trod the Corridors of her 'Varsities. At a young age, finding himself in a pretty Humour for the writing of Romances, and the discourse of Natural Philosophy and Technologick Arts, he took up the Pen, and hath not since laid it down.
Don't worry, the book isn't in this style; in fact the narrative has the same chatty informality of Cryptonomicon. Can't wait. I shall have to console myself with Marcus Didius Falco. Not that that will be hard.
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