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Lost thoughts

I saw Lost: Born to Run last night and have some speculations about the numbers, and Kate.


The numbers are 4 8 15 16 23 42 (and I bet I know why the last one's there).

The flight number was 815 and we know the numbers were broadcast 16 years ago, were Hurley's winning numbers in the lottery, and are on the vault Locke and Boone found. (Hmm, does Locke's name have any meaning? Is he the key?) Anyway, it occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that they could be a date in the format yy mm dd hh mm ss:

15 August 2004, 16:23:42
Was this when flight 815 crashed? And in last night's ep, Kate and her old boyfriend Tom's time capsule was buried on 15 August (89 I think). Yeah, I have no idea of the significance, but it's fun thinking about it.

Kate's crime

The crime we see her committing in an earlier ep was just to get into a bank vault to get the toy plane which we now know belonged to her teenage sweetheart Tom. She was wanted before that, but why? I'm guessing she killed an abusive father. Why do I think that?
  • In the time capsule tape, she says she wants to get away and Tom knows why.
  • Whatever she did doesn't bother Tom much, and that would fit if he knew her reasons
  • Her mother cries and calls for help; she hasn't forgiven Kate. Perhaps she never believed her, or she was abused herself (more likely) and loved the bastard anyway. A surprising number of victims seem to.
I do like the way this program plays with our perceptions of characters like Jin and now Kate.
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