Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Filk: Vilakins and His Dayna

This is my second filk, written for b7_virtual_con. It's based on Villkins and His Dinah (yes, really), an old English song. It's worth looking at it for what must have been a radical notion back then that a young girl might have some right to choose a mate (or indeed not).

[Edit:] There's a different version here with words I like a bit better (though I based mine on the first version) and some background for the song. Thanks, reapermum.

This is an AU.

Vilakins and His Dayna

There was a blind rebel who on Sarran did live,
To his one daughter lots of small arms he did give.
She was called Dayna, just eighteen years old,
full of curiosity, and both brave and bold.

Chorus: Singing 'you and I roll-de-roll, roll-de-roll lay.

As Dayna was out stalking a Sarran one day,
her father did comm her, "Come home straight away!
Come and get dressed in your Grecian array,
for I've found you a husband both gallant and gay!"

"Oh, father, if you mean that Avon I met,
well, when you say 'gay', I don't think you quite get
what it means. Oh, father, do please be patient with me,
and let me go my own way, so fancy free."

"No deal, you young minx," her father replied.
"You have no choice but to be Avon's bride.
He fancies you and, I do think, our gold
And I'd rather give it all to him and live to be old."

As Vilakins was wandering by the seaside,
He saw Kerr Avon, sprawled dead in the tide.
His friend, he saw, was shot though the heart
"Avon!" he cried and to sob he did start.

"I'm sorry, Vilakins, but his life he gave
so we could live our own lives in our little cave,"
said Dayna. "And come, my love, back to our den.
Come and roll me over and do it again!"

Chorus: Singing 'you and I roll-de-roll, roll-de-roll lay.


And now, all you guys, take warning from this.
You don't always win a sweet bride with a kiss.
And don't get between an armed woman and her love,
for sometimes the one who wins is the dove.

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