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I'm not tagging most of my entries, but I thought I'd at least tag my fiction and some posts in a few other categories. I have about 80 fiction posts, and I'm very annoyed to find that now I've gone to the trouble of tagging them all, the 'previous 20 entries' button stops working after skip = 60. Grrr. I'll only be adding to that category too. I've sent a report to LJ support and I hope they fix it.

I'm feeling a bit blah and that didn't help. The weather's crap (wet, grey, and so dark I had to have the lights on all day), and half my weekend seems to have disappeared without me noticing. The thought of having to walk to work next week in pelting rain like we had today doesn't fill me with delight either. I wish we had a mid-winter festival, or something to look forward to and brighten the months of unrelieved gloom. Never mind; next Friday, which would be Christmas Eve in a sensible southern world, I'll be at a pre-wedding girls' night out / booze-up at the Belgian pub in Mission Bay. That's something!

Right. I'll just go off now and cook up a yummy Thai red curry and watch some House and Who. Pity I've eaten all the chilli-chocolate Tim Tams...

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