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Well, everyone else seems to have done it.

You are the fourth Doctor! You're certainly the
most popular. You've got quite the bohemian
sense of style, and you never met a scarf that
was too long. You have no qualms about playing
a bit of a buffoon, but your carefree nature
turns into steely resolve in the face of

Which Doctor (from Doctor Who) Are You?
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Yes, my favourite!

And I just booked tickets to the Doctor Who show that's coming here in August after it's been to Aussie.

Doctor Who - Inside the TARDIS

For the first time, the TARDIS will be travelling to New Zealand.

Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor), Sylvester McCoy (The Seventh Doctor) will join John Pertwee's companion Katy Manning on stage where they will share their experiences and reveal some secrets of the phenomenal 42 year-old BBC show. Writer, performer and huge Doctor Who fan, Tim Ferguson will host this live theatrical event. Audiences will travel through time with the original Time Lords, view classic BBC footage and hear insider's stories from one of the world's greatest TV shows.

Get to have your say. The second half of the show will give the audience the chance to ask the performers questions about their own personal experiences in a time warp. This classic LIVE ON STAGE presentation is a once-only chance to be a part of the series, just about to start on Prime TV.

More details (I didn't know Colin Baker trained to be a solicitor) and booking info here

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