Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Late night angst

Argh! The Blake's 7 AU/AR ficathon stories are going up and I can't read them till I get home from work tomorrow evening. I spent tonight watching Doctor Who and Lost, then came in here to catch up on LJ and realised I had to post my story. And now it's almost midnight and I'm still not caught up.

Doctor Who was wonderful as usual: go Mickey, Rose's mum, and the wonderful Harriet Jones MP!

As for Lost, the younger Locke with hair looks disconcertingly like Michael Keating does now. Awww. Poor Locke, used by his ghastly parents like that. I loved the way they kept making me think, "Ah, this is how he becomes paralysed," and fooled me each time. We still don't know, and neither do we know what he saw the time he met the monster, what his mystic connection with the island is, or how he got that prophetic dream and why. We may now know where he learned his hunting skills though.

I got shivers when the light came on. I wish someone would notice the numbers.

Tags: doctor who, lost
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