Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Happy Holidays!

I think that covers everything: Hanukkah, solstice of either kind, Christmas, or just a break off work which we call a holiday here.

And to mark the occasion, I've made you all a Blake's 7 greeting card.

Thanks for being great friends.

[Edit] The card will only be kept on the site's server for about a week from today.

[Edit]And therefore I shall save it behind this cut:


Offended there wasn't a present for him under the Liberator holographic tree labelled 'from Avon', Blake folded his arms, pouted, and sulked. He regretted buying Avon studded leather slippers.

Avon, who saw no point in the exchange of useless items with people he had no choice about sharing a ship with, stood on both his dignity and his custom-made lift boots.

Cally watched them warily, unsure whether their behaviour was part of this human ritual. She had looked up the festival and found that it was customary to give men socks and women bath-salts, and for them all to wish they'd got something else, quarrel, eat too much, then get savagely drunk.

Jenna decided that if they'd given her bath-salts yet again, she was going to make the bastards eat them.

Vila decided it was time to get out the presents he'd stolen and labelled 'from Avon': a balloon-sleeved silk shirt for Blake, a Betafarlian throat-singing music cube for Cally, bath-salts for Jenna, and a large bottle of expensive Destinian brandy for himself.

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