Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Good and bad


I was laughing maniacally at the opening scene of Store Wars, a stir-frying stirring tale of organic food rebels in a supermarket, when the phone rang. It's worth watching for that scene alone, but who can resist the allure of characters like Cuke Skywalker, Princess Lettuce, Lord Tader, Ham Solo, Chewbroccoli, and not be on the edge of their seat for the climactic 'I am your father' scene in the vege weighing scales? Yes, it's from the organic trade association who have a message, but stay with it for the SFX and scenes like the classic Salad Bar one. I think my favourites are the stormtrooper eggs though.

What was the phone call? A three-month contract looking after a power company's database, starting Monday. I'm glad I've got two of my three ficathon stories done.


What of my hoped-for trip to Germany and the UK, you may ask? It may not even happen now. Greg is probably just going to Singapore. So when this contract is over, I'm taking a holiday up north at the very least.

Tags: star wars
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