Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Chocolate, but not Rose's

I usually dread the post because it's almost always just bills and bank statements, but this week it's been full of goodies. I've got HHGTTG CDs (an ep of the tertiary phase each night as a bedtime story) and DVDs (lots of good extras too, and yay for the CGI scene of the Liberator dropping Arthur Dent off on Earth, pursued by the Tardis).

And today I got a DVD of the first 5 eps of Doctor Who from the lovely and generous altariel--along with a block of Green & Black ginger chocolate; thank you so much! [sigh] Why is Greg out at a meeting tonight of all nights? I don't care what time he gets in, we're watching the first ep. With chocolate.

[Edit]: We've watched 'Rose'; massive thumbs up to the new Doctor, Rose herself, and the humour. I love it! And the ginger chocolate was excellent too. :-D

Tags: doctor who, dvds
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