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Blake's 7 and Farscape go to the Rebo and Zooty Magic Show

Some time after the big Blake'7 vs Farscape waterfight on Nation States, astrogirl2 and I took them to Space City where they had a lot of fun in the free-fall amusement park, casino, and eat-all-you-can buffet, and finished their day off with a Rebo and Zooty magic show. Vila (and I) took a series of photos, and so did the president of Ragania (astrogirl2). Don't ask.

As before, only the captions seem to have survived.

Vila's photos:

  • Avon looking offended at Zooty's comments about his black leather zooty-zoot-zoot
  • Rebo investigating said suit while Avon tries to look dignified
  • Avon realising that Rebo has introduced several small lizards into his trousers
  • Rebo putting a vacuum nozzle down them to get the lizards out
  • Close-up of Avon's face (I've never seen that expression before)
  • Avon being sawn in half
  • Dayna being sawn in half
  • Avon and Dayna back together, but not the right way round
  • Avon taking a swing at Zooty
  • Avon sitting on Dayna's bum, well, you know what I mean
  • Dayna producing a small tactical nuclear device from her bra
  • Avon and Dayna reassembled correctly
  • Rebo producing two rabbits from Dayna's bum, um, bag
  • Dayna obviously thinking about barbecuing them
  • Me picking a card (Kerril took these ones)
  • Zooty getting it wrong
  • Me giving him hundreds of cards, everything but the seven of diamonds
  • Me being applauded as part of the act and taking a bow
  • Rebo telling me there's such a thing as professional courtesy (he does talk!)
  • Zooty slipping me a note offering me a job as clown
  • Tarrant on stage dazzling the audience with his teeth (me behind the camera again)
  • Rebo throwing a switch with a manic grin on his face
  • Tarrant's hair all on end and his eyes out like organ-stops
  • Rebo giving him a light-bulb for each hand
  • Fiat lux
  • Stark leaping onto the stage to say he can do better than that
  • Stark outshining Tarrant
  • Zooty levitating Stark while Tarrant escapes (with bulbs I note; I've taught him well)
  • Stark throwing a Starky-fit in mid air
  • Tarrant's bulbs exploding in his pockets
  • Half of R & Z's equipment shorting out
  • Stark landing in a heap
  • Stark leaving the stage with dignity (and one of their top-hats)
  • Zooty asking if there are any normal people in the audience
astrogirl2's photos:
  • Crichton describing what an incredibly "normal" guy he is, with Rebo & Zooty looking extremely dubious.
  • Crichton examining a very sharp sword.
  • Crichton pretending he's going to change his mind and run off the stage. (You *were* pretending, right John? :))
  • Box supposedly containing both Crichton and the blades of a bunch of very sharp swords, with R & Z actually starting to look worried at all the dramatic screaming and groaning he's doing in there.
  • Crichton taking big theatrical bows and basically doing his best to upstage the magicians. (Well, I guess everybody else was doing it!)
  • Stark discovering that his top hat is moving.
  • Stark suddenly finding himself with a lap full of squawking chicken.
  • Stark chasing the chicken up the aisle.
  • Stark soothing the chicken.
  • Zhaan soothing Stark.
  • Stark refusing to give the chicken back.
  • Rebo apparently deciding if they can't have the chicken, they'll settle for Zhaan and leading her up onto the stage.
  • Zhaan disappearing. Well, OK, I didn't get the flash of light, but you can still see the puff of smoke!
  • Stark leaping up on stage (with chicken) to look for her. I don't think I've ever seen anybody's eye(s) get quite that wide before!
  • Zhaan's dramatic reappearance, looking very serene for someone who's just been disintigrated.
  • Vila mediating the hostage exchange: Zhaan for the chicken.
  • Zooty declaring that the audience participation section of the show is over!
  • Rebo producing a bouquet of flowers out of nowhere to make up for it.
  • Zhaan taking samples from the bouquet.
  • Dayna and Tarrant getting into a vigourous argument about how the flower trick was accomplished, even though they didn't blink an eyelid at any of the other stuff.
  • Rebo & Zooty finishing up their big finale and making a grateful retreat off-stage.
  • Stark discovering the chicken has escaped and followed him outside.
  • Avon attempting to take the chicken from Stark and getting pecked.
  • Rebo & Zooty backstage telling Stark he can keep the chicken
That's it. Nothing else of our role-playing survived.
Tags: blake's 7, farscape, weirdness
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