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Blake's 7 vs Farscape water-fight

kernezelda's post about water balloons and the impressive 'The Beast' launcher system reminded me of this, plus it's crossover week at b7friday.

A while back, before I was on LJ, astrogirl2 and I used to play on Nation States where we gave the Blake's 7 and Farscape crews planets of their own and ran them. Vila and I had the Rogue Nation of Vila Restal and Stark and Astro ran New Banik along with Zhaan (miraculously resurrected / found by Stark). We had a lot of fun using the comment feature to run an RPG. Sadly, we let it all die when we failed to make any government decisions for 30 days.

Anyway, Vila and the B7 lot (The Villains) challenged the Farscape crowd (I've forgotten their team-name) to a massive water-fight hosted by Zhaan, and Vila took photos. Sorry, I don't have his pictures, just his captions. :-)

Photos mostly taken by Vila; some by his team. Rygel was on Vila's Rogue Nation as an ambassador and Chiana was somewhere I forget now.

[Edit] I removed some photos which had a character from another show because I thought they were a bit confusing. I've added them back, but with Chiana instead because it works with her too.

  • Aeryn flexing her muscles (that was a t-shirt but she cut the sleeves off)
  • Me flexing mine (bit fuzzy as Kerril was laughing so much)
  • Soolin drawing a bead on me
  • Soolin giving Chiana last-minute coaching
  • Dayna looking annoyed (after I asked her where she'd concealed her water-balloons)
  • Kerril drawing a bead on me
  • Action shot of water coming right at me--fired by Stark
  • Avon in mid-air after a blast from Aeryn
  • Aeryn astride supine Avon
  • Avon biting off more than he can chew
  • Crichton throwing Avon in the pool
  • Soolin using her sharp-shooter watergun with the gravity-adjusted sights
  • Chiana looking wet
  • Kerril looking charming and wet but a bit impatient with me
  • One of Dayna's heat-seeking water-balloon missiles about to impact with D'Argo
  • Me shot from behind, and in it, by Aeryn
  • Zhaan unnerving Tarrant with a quick flash
  • Tarrant doing a stunned-mullet impression
  • Dayna hitting Tarrant with a 'dam-buster'
  • Stark telling Dayna whose side she's on. Emphatically.
  • Kerril shooting Crichton shooting me shooting Stark
  • Soolin with her automatic rapid-fire gun (hooked up to Zhaan's garden-hose)
  • Me trying out Soolin's gun and being blown off my feet by the unexpected recoil
  • Avon getting D'Argo by those head-tentacle things
  • D'Argo going berserk (imagine wolf-snake growls)
  • D'Argo biting the studs off Avon's t-shirt
  • D'Argo biting off more than he can chew (Avon's boots--told him not to wear them, but no, snotty Alphas won't be seen dead in sandals or trainers)
  • Dayna's 40kg bomb hitting D'Argo (and unfortunately Avon too--he said later there's no such thing as friendly fire)
  • Zhaan's garden hose exploding with the enormous pressures Soolin was using
  • Aeryn puncturing Dayna's store of water-bombs
  • Aeryn and Dayna wrestling
  • Soolin and Chiana wrest... uh, no...
  • Kerril laughing at me
  • Grand finale as Dayna's bomb arsenal empties and washes us all downhill into the pool
  • Underwater view of most of both teams in the pool
  • Underwater shot of Avon being de-bagged by Zhaan (work-safe, it's from behind)
  • Starky and me leaping off the high-diving board (foetal position for maximum splash)
  • All dried out and in clean clothes having nice drinkies and nibbles, some of us on food
  • Kerril looking fond of me
  • Zhaan feeding Stark
  • Aeryn and Crichton having a spat
  • Chiana and Soolin giggling about something
  • Dayna pretending she's annoyed with Tarrant
  • Tarrant pretending not to realise
  • Avon looking aloof
  • D'Argo looking at Avon while sharpening a sword
  • Crichton trying to prove he can get a whole piece of pizza in his mouth in one go
  • Stark succeeding
Tags: blake's 7, farscape, weirdness
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