Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Her Day

Last week's b7friday topic was celebration, and this cross-post is topical for today (here, anyway). Set in late season 1, no real spoilers. 225 words.

Her Day

"For you, ma'am, from all of us." Travis placed a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine on the desk, stepped back, and came to attention.

"Oh, how lovely!" Servalan began to undo the extravagant bow on the chocolate box before a thought hit her. "And what is the occasion?"

"Mothers' Day, of course."

Servalan kept smiling, but spoke though gritted teeth. "I am not a mother."

"No, ma'am, but that's how we all think of you." Travis saluted, spun on his heel, and marched out.

Bastard. The way he'd pronounced "ma'am" had been suspiciously short, too. Servalan picked up the box of chocolates to hurl them across the room, then hesitated. They were Lindor truffles. She opened the box, selected three, and stuffed them all in her mouth at once, licking her fingers. Mmmm, very consoling. The wine was Chateau Margaux Nouveau from Inner Gaul; at least the swine had some taste. She got out a glass and a corkscrew and poured herself a very large drink. A couple of these and she'd soon feel better.


Outside, Travis grinned. It was hard to get back at Servalan without risking one's life, but there were ways. That brittle smile had shown how hard he'd hit. She'd be looking for wrinkles for days. That'd teach her to try to pin that Orac debacle on him.
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