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Shorn of the Dead

Ha, this planned NZ comedy horror film about killer sheep looks like a worthy successor to Braindead. The details are here on the stuff website, but because they have annoying and loud popups, I've also posted them under the cut.

Crazed killer sheep roam celluloid farm
02 May 2005

A horror comedy poking fun at New Zealand's sheep population has been snapped up by world buyers before it is made. Written by Jonathan King, son of historian Michael King who died last year, Black Sheep takes the sedate creatures and turns them into crazed killers after a genetic experiment goes wrong.

Though not due to start filming till late this year, the film has secured screenings in Britain, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Other countries were likely to follow, Film Commission sales and marketing manager Kathleen Drum said. Wellington-based King said his film put New Zealand's farming lifestyle and countryside through the horror wringer. "The animals, locations and traditions of the Kiwi countryside burst to life, turn inside out and go for the jugular," he said. Ms Drum said the film had been likened to some of Peter Jackson's earlier works, such as Braindead, which was part of its appeal on the international market. Weta Workshop is designing the creatures. Black Sheep has Film Commission funding, but the commission would not reveal how much.

Icon, which also bought the rights to In My Father's Den, will distribute the film in New Zealand, Australia and Britain. Jiants is the other distributor. Icon Australia chief executive Mark Gooder said the film had big appeal. "Only a New Zealand film-maker could come up with a story that turns the cute and cuddly into the evil and menacing. This is a fun project that is simply and undeniably commercial in its intent." The film is not expected to make it to screen till late next year.
I got this news from an SF mailing list I'm on, and couldn't help replying with 'Shorn of the Dead'. Others responded with stuff like:
War of the Wools
Baaarmy of Darkness
Sheep Impact
Sheep Wars 4:A new Flock
Sheep Wars 5:The Sheep strike Baaack
Sheep Wars 6:The return of the Sheep
Sheep Wars 1: The Phantom Merino
till one wit finally said:
Argh! Wool ewe quit with the sheep shots already! If you keep ramming them down my throat, I'll take it on the lamb, rather than staying to wether the storm.
[Edit] Just thought of Farsheep, and the mini-series: The Sheepkeeper Wars. Sorry.
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