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More photos from Zion Wildlife Gardens

I got my photos from Zion Wildlife Gardens back and have put them up in an LJ photo gallery. They're all on one page there, and the new ones seem to be a bit brighter than the digital ones. Here are a few of my favourites.

notice me!
One of the orange Bengal cubs demanding attention because her sister's getting her tummy scritched (that photo's in the gallery).

Another shot of them.

Zion is said to be the tamest lion in the world. He misses Craig when he's away, so much so that Craig calls him on the phone so Zion can hear his voice. Zion's been in several Discovery channel ads with his sister Shia with whom he shares his area. They couldn't bear to be separated, so Shia was neutered so they could stay together.

Zion is to play Aslan in the film 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe'. It's not a hard role, as his face, head, paws, and movements have been filmed so he can be recreated with CGI.

The little royal white girl, Aotea, biting the hell out of my backpack while the boy, Tane, joins in her game with Greg.


The cubs playing

The last one I took in the cub enclosure--the little boy Tane playing with their stuffed toy--and it's so cute!

Check out the gallery for more pictures of lions (white and otherwise), tigers and cubs (orange and white).

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