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Hitchhiking in sheer luxury

To thank Greg for my day out, I took him to see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy last night. That's a bit poor, you may think, but I booked seats at the Circle Lounge, a luxury cinema which opened this year. Each person sits in a leather armchair with controls to set the back- and leg-rests to suit them. Between each pair is a little table with a lamp on it, and you can order food and drinks to be brought to you during the film. A waiter brought us wine (pinot gris) and the salmon cakes and feta pancakes we ordered at the start of the film, and half-way through, ice-cream (toffee and chocolate) served with elegant dessert forks. They even gave us linen napkins. Very cool. The basic seat prices are only about 50% more than normal so it's worth going back, even if we just order coffee next time.

Before the film, we went into Whitcoulls and happened to find seasons 1 and 2 box sets of Farscape for two thirds the price they'd been, so at last I have it all. Yay!

I enjoyed the film, more than I thought I would after some of the reviews. The SFX were amazing, especially the destruction of the Earth and Slartibartfast showing Arthur the construction yards. Martin Freeman was excellent as Arthur (I so want to see him play Vila), Bill Nighy understatedly British and very funny as Slartibartfast, and Stephen Fry great as the book. Zooey Deschanel actually moved me in the scene where she shoots Zaphod with the POV gun, and Marvin was cute and lovable with his huge planet-shaped if not -sized head; Alan Rickman did his voice well. The Vogons were good (if a bit vinyl-looking in sunlit close-up) and oddly endearing en masse. Yes, some jokes just didn't work (notably the spades in the quarry scene) but in general I was very entertained.

The worst has to be the Zaphod's extra head popping up under his chin (why not the two-headed version we all know?) and Sam Rockwell's continual grinning got a bit much.

Someone's already given away one of the cameos (in the Vogon office queue), but I won't tell you who does the Magrathea defence system (and very well too) or the whale's voice. :-)

I think it's definitely worth seeing.

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