Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Civil union

I don't often post about news, but I know this will interest a lot of you. :-)

Since the civil unions act came into force this week, people here in New Zealand have an alternative to marriage called civil union, and it's available to any two adults. The first to get joined were a delighted and bubbly gay couple filmed by Campbell Live who waited outside the issuing office doors and got form number 1 to their glee. They were hitched on the beach at Mission Bay and looked gorgeous in black and gold oriental tunics.

Het couples who don't fancy marriage because of all the baggage it carries are going for it too. I wonder if Greg's sister and her partner will do it, esp now they have little Ari; it does offer legal recognition and protection.

We need some new words for it though. "We're getting unioned" doesn't sound right.

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