Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Birthday surprise number 1

This one actually arrived the day before my birthday. It's a photo-manip from Miinnie which she's been threatening promising for a while. It's me and her as Vila's Royal Mounties, and yes, there is red fur.


Let me tell you that if I ever wore a bikini (which I haven't) I wouldn't look like this. Wow, Minnie's done an excellent job on it. I'm on the left with a lot more hair than usual, and Minnie's gone blonde on the right. Now I want a body-transplant to match!

Hee, just look at Vila's lecherous grin! I think he ought to be in a palace though and sent Minnie an appropriately OTT pic I found (even though there aren't diamond floors) which she thinks will work well as a new background. I'll post it if does.

More of Minnie's lovely B7 manips are here.

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