Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Lost # 14: Special

I've lost seen Lost episode 14: Special, and here are some thoughts on it before I go to bed.

Last week, after the compass didn't show north where it ought to be, I said that it could be support for my theory that the island was on another planet, or perhaps in an artificial environment in the Antarctic. Others believe the Black Rock is magnetic, and that did get some mentions in this ep which is interesting. However, I was intrigued to see that Walt's Spanish comic showed a domed environment in what looked like the Arctic (because there are no bears in the Antarctic), and also a polar bear. Intriguing.


  • In the flashbacks, Walt didn't want to do homework on Australian birds, and one drops dead outside. Did he also make his mother ill? It comes on quite suddenly and what she dies of is never specified.

  • Walt throws the knife unerringly after 'seeing; how its flightpath.

  • Did Walt conjure up a polar bear the first time we see one? It appears after he first saw the picture. Another one appears in this ep--and after the dog disappears. I can't help but wonder whether the dog will have the same injuries Walt and Michael inflicted on the bear.

  • Michael drew a penguin for the 20year-old Walt. Will penguins now appear?
Off to bed now, a little creeped out.
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