Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Winter, but warmed by Farscape

It's suddenly winter! Two weeks ago it was hot outside and I was still in summer clothes. One day my Mpeg (car MP3 player) even refused to work because it was too hot. It's now plummeted to mid-winter temperatures: 15C inside right now, and as low as 5C overnight outside according to Greg's new weather station which has electronically tracked the decline and fall of summer. I don't mind too much though as it's fine and sunny again. I'd like winter if it stayed this way.

Anyway. I've now watched all of Farscape. Wow. I'm sorry it's all over. Some thoughts on the later part of S4 and The Peacekeeper Wars follow.


Regardless of the relative numbers of points that appear here, it really was mainly excellent. I loved almost all of it.

I was delighted to see Stark and Harvey again. I do love that line "I told you not to smoke in my head" and Harvey being Einstein, and dying at the end in the 2001 bed.

Stark comforting Pilot, and Noranti comforting Stark: poor, troubled Stykera. Awww.

I love the whole explanation of the Peacekeepers' origin and name and why they so resemble humans.

Yay, amphibian Hynerian! It was a creative way of getting Aeryn and John back, and I realise how much I've come to love Rygel since the beginning. Actually, I love them all except Jool, and even then I was sad to see her go--wherever it was she went to).

Grunshlk! I like Grunshlk. I hope he survived.

Chiana feeding Stark and calling him Starky (Vila's name for him in the RPG!) though it didn't quite make up for kicking him earlier.

The SFX were amazing, everyone but Sikozu looked like themselves, and the Eidolons kept up the tradition of inventive aliens. Seriously cool stuff and that wormhole weapon was seriously scary.

Stark taking off his mask and, when I thought he was going to shine his light on John as he did when they first met, instead being all healed over. I didn't see that coming and it gave me a real shiver of delight. It does make me question the nature of Stykera though: are they damaged Baniks? I'm so glad he's found peace at last. [hugs the poor guy] And leaving his mask with Crichton seems to imply he'll be back. Go in peace, Starky, and live the life you deserve.

This goes in Good because I like things to end well, but the ending was a bit too perfect. Given the people we've met throughout the series, there isn't going to be peace. Maybe between the Scarrans and Peacekeepers, but they'd need a lot of Eidolons to cover the rest of the utter bastards in the galaxy. And it was a bit too soppy for my taste too. But hey, it beats a cynical or tragic ending any day.

I want more. On the DVDs they say they hope to do feature films. I hope so.


Bizarro world. Firstly my logic revolts (as it always did for DS9) as how, given that their universe is so different that the races are blended and changed, can they possibly exist as individuals we know? I hated seeing them die the first time, but Crichton's plan to get the knowledge from Sikozu-Stark by killing Aeryn-Chiana was horrible and utterly repellent, even if he couldn't do it when it came to the crunch. It was still his idea though and I hold him responsible. Was Chiana alive the first time? I can't remember. Because he justified it by saying they'd die in an arn anyway, but maybe now that he and Scorpy arrived early and possibly changed their future, they won't. The whole thing really troubles me and I lost a lot of sympathy and liking for Crichton after that.

Stark. OK, I can see why they forced Stark to accept the Eidolon priest's memories and it turned out to be a very good thing, but there was no excuse for all the other physical abuse. Chiana had no reason to kick him when he was grovelling in front of the Eidolons, and all that hitting was uncalled-for, except possibly in Aeryn's case. He was trying to help D'Argo and I don't care if he was dying; there was no reason to hit him. Bastards.

Wouldn't Stark have known D'Argo and Chiana were still alive in space?

Sikozu. Now I can buy her perhaps agreeing to carry a tracer in the hopes the Scarrans might keep their agreement (and Staleek did in fact feel honour-bound to keep his to John in S4) but she also fought well for the others so maybe she had no choice about the comms and didn't know it would be used against her friends.

Argh! Sikizu's makeup--why? Everyone else looked like themselves, but I could only recognise her by her voice. I liked her hair, but why remove all her red mottled bits, shave off her cute blonde eyebrows, and give her clown's ones? That's just bizarre and totally illogical. I'm a very visual person and it irritated the hezmana out of me every time I saw her.

Them not giving Grunshlk a gun and just leaving him there helpless with Sikozu. And why, anyway? Was that a ploy to make it look as if they were all still there? If so, it didn't work.

Jool can't have got any with the possibly celibate priests but I can't see her jumping all over John like that. I hope they all went into another time-bubble. I didn't like her but they all deserved better.

There wasn't enough Noranti.

They didn't use Chiana's new eyes enough.

Have I mentioned how much I hate birth scenes? (I'm dreading the inevitable one on Lost.) Do they show them to cut the world's population? Ugh.

Why on earth or elsewhere would Chiana go to Hyneria? The only reason she was going there in the first place was because D'Argo wanted to. She'll go fahrbot out of boredom.


How did Rygel know the Stark we first saw was a bioloid? And how could the copy beam energy onto Scorpy (not that they showed it at all clearly)?

I thought Sikozu had been genetically modified to kill Scarrans, but according to the extra features on the DVD, she's a bioloid too. This might explain some of her behaviour in PKW but I don't buy it.

Is Grayza a full-blooded PK? The blue contours on her face, neck, and lips actually make her look half-Nebari. Knowing their thing about purity, she must be a PK, but she doesn't look like one. Eh, perhaps the loomas mod had side-effects.

If the Eidolons are so peaceful and advanced, why did they crystallise John and Aeryn?

If the baby was turned into crystals like the rest, how come Rygel didn't vomit them up to be reconstituted with John and Aeryn? It growing independently inside him wasn't logical. Yeah, so I'm a nitpicker.

Whose baby is Grayza carrying? There's a whole other story there for a sequel (and yes, I know the actor was pregnant). It could be John's or Braca's or probably several others'. Now the Scarrans were going to somehow extract wormhole knowledge from the foetus's DNA, so presumably Grayza has the same plans. Will she succeed? Does little D'Argo have that knowledge hidden even though John's lost it?

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