Nico (vilakins) wrote,


I went into the 277 shopping centre to meet my sister for lunch. She was in town for a shopping spree, something I refused to join her on (the only shopping I like is browsing at craft markets) so I settled for lunch. However, glitterboy1 and others, I found there's a Lush shop there! I didn't buy anything (but touched and sniffed enough edible-looking things for Greg to say I smelled like an explosion in a perfume factory) because the sheer choice befuddled me. I got their giveaway Lush Times so I can decide what I want; then Greg can buy it for me as he works just down the road. [peruses said publication] Damn. I might have to go back in person and stock up. There are several things I fancy.

Lush users, what are your recs?

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