Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Big cats (I hope)

Bad: This summer has been long and glorious and only really started to fade into autumn a couple of weeks ago. I've been working for most of it though and of course once my contract finished (on Tuesday), so did the fine weather. It's now wet and cold and grey. Typical.

Good (in fact, very good): Greg just rang and he has a business trip to Whangarei on Thursday next week and apparently I'm going too, whether or not I get another contract. His client visit won't take long and There Will Be A Surprise. The Zion Wildlife Gardens are just out of town and I'm betting hoping it's this. [bounce] We're not that fond of zoos but this is different: Craig Bush hand-rears his lions and tigers (including rare Barbaries and whites) and his weekly TV program, The Lion Man, is among our favourites. It's amazing to see him playing with and kissing his animals as if they really are big pussycats, taking them for walks, and even introducing them to the surf. They sometimes do ads and filmwork and one of them, Zion himself, is to be Aslan in The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. I'm hoping Greg's booked us a tour; maybe I can even cuddle cubs.

Favourite quote from the program as cheeky Savannah sneaks up on Craig from behind: "Don't stalk daddy!"

Tags: birthdays, cats
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