Nico (vilakins) wrote,

TV meme

Nicked from many people:

So you're cleaning all the dust off your TV screen and a genie pops out. In return for freeing her, she offers to grant you 5 changes to any TV show(s) you wish. With only 5 wishes, what do you wish for?

Blake's 7: No season 4! People say happy endings don't go with the universe, but hey, I'd be satisfied if it had ended as it was meant to--with Terminal. They'd lost the Liberator but Servalan had also died, they were all alive and had a future and a crashed ship which they might be able to repair and leave in. That gives them a loss, a gain, and some hope--and imagine all the speculative fanfic people would have written.

Babylon 5: I'd get JMS his fifth season in enough time for him to develop his story at the pace he wanted to. Maybe that way we wouldn't have had the all-too-hasty and very disappointing resolution to the Shadow/Vorlon war and all those intriguing mysteries boiling down to what seemed to be nothing more than a spoiled child's game.

Star Trek: TNG: Just don't give Data any emotion chips! His androidness is what made him so utterly fascinating; why try to turn him into just another human?

Star Trek: DS9: I've got just two words to say to you: More Garak!

BSG: Lose Gaius. He's a waste of skin, and a profoundly irritating one too.

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