Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Cabin

Last week's b7friday topic was cabins. Set after season 4, 175 words.


Vila didn't much like the cabin. It was really just a glorified shelter and far too weathery for his taste. He was used to a comforting background hum but he could hear the rain on the roof and the wind rattling the shutters, and the cold crept inexorably in though the wooden walls. The only heat in the place came from burning yet more bloody wood and it wasn't very satisfactory; he fried and froze simultaneously and there wasn't even a thermostat.

"I used to love looking at the fire when I was a kid," Soolin said, dreamily. "My sister and I would see animals and people and whole scenes in the flames."

Vila could too: him and Soolin and Dayna in that other hut, and other scenes from the red-lit tracking gallery that he'd rather forget. He turned to look at Soolin instead, at the flickering of light on her face and the reflections dancing in her eyes. He smiled at her.

She snuggled against him. "Happy?"

"Yeah. This is paradise." And it was.

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