Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Steam, sausages, and chocolate

We went on a steam-train trip yesterday: an hour's circuit taking us round Auckland and from one side of the country to the other and back, a less impressive feat than it sounds. Greg, devoted ferro-equinologist that he is, is down at one of the stations now, waiting to get a photo of the train thundering through. It's too hot for him to wear an anorak though. :-P Across the road from the station is Avon's Butchery. Avon (yes, he's really called that) has won awards for his sausages (What!) and Greg is buying some to whack on the barbie tonight along with the soy ones I bought for myself yesterday.

Which reminds me: I discovered Green & Black's organic fair-trade chocolate in the organic supermarket yesterday. Yay! I bought orange with spices, vanilla white, and extra cocoa. They didn't have the chilli various UK friends have raved about. I asked at the checkout and they said they'd see if it was available but I won't hold my breath. I had three squares of the orange last night. Yum. [craves some now]

Tags: blake's 7, outings
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