Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficathon, and cat and mouse games

My AU/AR ficathon assignment is definitely doable, but it's not what I'd call an AU. I consider it possible canon, but it will be fun.

And there was some last night. Vic, who has been catching field mice lately, brought one in through the cat door. We usually rescue mice in much the same way as lizards: offer a nice dark tube closed at the far end, then clap a hand over it once the mouse has run up it like the proverbial rat up a drain-pipe, take it outside, and release it into the wild while the other person tells the cat what a clever cat it is--why berate them for being cats? This time Vic dropped his catch which promptly fled to the laundry followed by cat and humans. The laundry is where the tube is but before we could grab it, the mouse thought Greg's shoes by the back door were more inviting and took refuge in one. Greg picked it up and took it outside, but the mouse liked the shoe. Greg shook it, trying to dislodge it, and when the mouse finally leaped out in the dark, it went up his arm towards his face which gave him a hell of a start, then jumped off, landed on the deck and took off into the bushes.

I might add that the older two don't catch anything but the occasional lizard--only to play with--and none of them catch birds. People go on about cats killing huge numbers of birds but the trees around us are full of them, including tuis and at least one morepork.

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