Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Desktop meme

From astrogirl2. If you feel like it:

  1. Take a screencap of your desktop
    To cap a desktop:
    • For PCs: Press the "Print Screen" (prt sc) button
    • For Macs: Shift+Apple+3
  2. Open your graphics program of choice
  3. Press CTRL-V or choose edit -> paste
  4. Save the image as a JPEG
  5. Upload the screen cap to your image server
  6. Post your cap in your LJ along with these instructions.
Yes, it's Vila, sporting his stunned-mullet look. Minnie made this lovely picture; there are more on her site here. I have lots of other lovely pics I could use but I've had this one for ages because I love it so much: it has restful colours, and it's not so busy the icons get lost. Also I chat to Vila and reassure the poor guy. I'm not surprised he looks a bit worried with that lippy attached to his gun.

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