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Questions for 22 - 24 October

22. Have you ever eaten snow?
Probably when I was a small kid and we lived near Mount Taranaki, not far from the snowline.

23. Curtains or blinds?
I prefer blinds - neater and more minimalist - and cats don't trash them. In our house, you mean? We have roller or wooden slat blinds everywhere except the big bay window in the living room which had old curtains we replaced.

24. Have you ever adopted a stray cat or dog?
Four cats so far, and we found homes for three or four more that we would have kept if our cats at the time had accepted them. I'd love to have kept them all, especially the two black ones, but they went to good homes. Claudia and Tessa only liked one of the ones we fed outside, I have no idea why, and we had Vic (see icon) for the rest of his very happy life. Ashley and Sebastian are rescues, but not by us personally.

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Questions for 19 - 21 September

19. If you won the lottery, do you think any of your family members would ask you to give them some of your money?
Oh, hell yes - my sister. She already said, no, demanded that I should make my will out to her and her kids. Nope. She'll have to wait till we're both gone which is when it gets divided equally among all our siblings.

20. What is the craziest thing you’ve seen happen at a workplace?
One year when I was at uni I had a summer holiday job at Griffin's Biscuits. I mainly worked on the packing lines putting chilled biscuits (like the chocolatey ones in the link) into trays; the mallowpuffs, (in the middle on the link) looked like WW2 German soldiers on the march as they came along the line in their helmeted ranks. There were also lines that baked and packed automatically, and people used to shrink-wrap their lunches or dinners and pass them through to heat them up.
But that's not the crazy thing. That was on the creme wafer line when two women had a fight and one shoved the other head-first right into a vat of creme*. It was pretty spectacular: they ended up rolling on the floor covered in it.
* disgustingly sweet filling

21. Would you rather read a book or listen to the audiobook?
Read. I love being read to, but it's so relaxing I tend to go to sleep.

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Questions for 16 - 18 October

16. Which family member did you inherit your hair colour from?
My grandmother. Until my brother was born, I looked like I was adopted.

17. What’s the average length of a shower for you?
I've never timed it. 5 minutes?

18. What’s something about adult life you were never warned of or prepared for?
Just how boring so many conversations are. Not to mention this batch of questions.

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Questions for 13 - 15 October

13. Is there someone you pretend to like but you really don't like?
There are people I'm happy to talk to though I find them a bit annoying. If I really dislike someone, which has happened in a couple of past workplaces, there's no pretence otherwise involved. :-P

14. Have you ever raked leaves, and then played in them?
No. All deciduous trees here were originally imported and we rarely had enough to get lots of leaves.

15. What is one thing you've realised or discovered lately?
That I haven't done this for three days. Actually it's the 16th already, but meh.
Also that the stupidity of anti-vaxxers and covid-deniers passes all understanding. I suppose it's too much to hope that they all stay home when they eventually get it and not clog up our health system.

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spring (kowhai)

Questions for 10 - 12 October

The sun is out, and they're working doing foundations for the garage in our backyard despite all the mud. Some progress, yay! Let's hope it keeps up.

10. Have you ever done well on a test when you didn’t study?
Yes, languages usually, because they stick, other subjects like physics and chemistry require more study.

11. Do you still take hot showers when it’s hot out?
I never take hot showers, just warm ones, and they get a bit cooler as the weather heats up.

12. Do you like the picture on your ID?
Who does? My driver's licence one isn't bad and my current passport one is lots better than the previous prison mugshot.

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Questions for 7 - 9 October

Late again...

A bloody annoying moron
Yesterday was a lovely sunny day (gotta grab those when they come up, in wet and windy spring)  so we went up the valley and had lunch at Omarama. I was very annoyed though by the woman serving at the counter who wore her mask under her nose - and compounded the insult by taking it right down to talk. I pointedly did the same but it didn't seem to register. Everyone else there, staff and customers not eating, wore theirs properly. Grrr.

7. What’s your favourite kind of cheese?
I can't pick just one! Pretty much anything that has a flavour: parmesan, gruyere, emmentaler, aged gouda, brie, ricotta, you name it. Just no to the flavourless (like that horrible mild soapy stuff - ugh - the golden delicious of cheese!) and smoked. Why are so many things smoked now?

8. Have you ever boycotted anything?
Only as in not buying products. I've boycotted Cadbury for years, like many other NZers, since they closed their factory here and put so many people out of work, and that's not to mention the palm oil and the inferior quality to excellent NZ chocolate like Whittaker's.

9. Do you have any embarrassing usernames?
I suppose Vilakins is pretty twee. But then it's never used by anyone else so it's very useful.

Three more tomorrow should catch me up.

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Questions for 4 - 6 October

I almost forgot to post this. We went to opening night of a new tapas restaurant, and it was awesome! I think it will be my new favourite in town. I had been missing a couple of Auckland restaurants (Casablanca - Moroccan, and Bar Comida - Spanish) but this is as good as Bar Comida so I'm very happy. 

4. How long have you known the last person you texted?
It was Greg - a couple of years longer than we've been married.

5. Do you keep notes, drawings, or letters that people give you?
Rarely (and rarely get them) though if it was a drawing, I probably would. I do ofteno keep cards.

6. Have you ever locked yourself out of your car?
No; I always locked my cars with the key which prevented that. But on a four-day tour of Wales, a friend locked us out of our hired car not once, but twice. Apart from that, the worst was Greg locking his car - with the key still in the ignition and the motor running  - and promptly leaving to catch a plane while I shivered outside in the cold. I had to call the AA and fend off airport people telling me I couldn't park there.
A couple of other times, he locked himself out and had to walk home for a spare key. [shakes head in disbelief]
We now have electric cars which use our phones or fobs as keys. Mine unlocks when I approach and I've set it to automatically lock when I walk away. In the two years we've had the cars, Greg hasn't locked himself out of his (or mine) once, but it's only a matter of time before he leaves his phone in the car; a few other owners have managed that one.

Why the icon? You have to name your Tesla in the software, and mine's Liberator. Greg's is Pippi Longrange. :D

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Questions for 1 - 3 October

I'm behind on these again, but I'll do three tomorrow to catch up just in case you're hanging out for them. ;)

After a lovely start to spring, it's turned to winter again lately, just when our absent builder turned up to dig out holes in the backyard for the garage foundations. I was that close to getting someone to come from Timaru. I may still; builders here have no idea what customer service is.

1. Do you like rain?
When I lived in Auckland I hated rain because it rained so often, and so hard - I've seen overseas visitors frightened by the sub-tropical intensity. It rarely gets like that here. It doesn't rain nearly as often, and does it gently, unless there's a storm, so I don't mind it now. It's nice if I don't have to go out.

2. Have you seen someone recently you used to talk to, but don’t anymore?
No. Weird question - what, you expect I'd socially cut them, or cross the street to avoid them? If I saw someone I hadn't seen for a while, of course I'd talk to them.

3. What colour are your eyes?

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Questions for 24 - 30 September

I've been busy and this totally slipped my mind till now. I see it's been a whole week.

24. Have you ever bought something recommended by an ad on social media before?
No. I use FB Purity which blocks that crap.

25. How often do you go to the beach?
About once a week, even if just to have coffee or lunch (fish and chips) there and enjoy the view.

26. Do you ever look up actors you think you recognise in films and on TV?
All the time!

27. Do you prefer earbuds or over-the-ear headphones?
Earbuds for listening on the laptop or phone when I don't want to disturb others, and some really good noise-cancelling headphones for music.

28. Do you remember when you first went on the internet?
I'll take that as for pleasure rather than work: it was to join a Babylon 5 fan mailing group, which seems weirdly topical right now. I'd get in at lunchtime and have so much fun.

29. What is one thing that you refuse to ever do in your lifetime?
There are many things, but smoking is a lifelong source of utter disgust.

30. Which one of your friends is the most outgoing?
I don't see the point of this because you don't know my RL friends, but FWIW, Andrea. She's so extravert it's really hard to get off the phone with her or wind up a conversation if we meet for coffee. I have to say I've become even more introverted since covid.

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spring (kowhai)

Questions for 21 - 23 September

Spring is sprung! The last two days have been lovely: warm, fine, and with very little wind which is a huge plus in spring here.

21. Do you usually have to wear a belt with your pants/trousers?
Only with two pairs of jeans that are a "boyfriend" cut and loose around the waist so they fall down without a belt. One pair was altered last week; the other one could do with being taken in a cm or so more when I get round to it.

22. Have you ever donated blood? If not, why not?
Yes, frequently, for years until my blood became unacceptable due to medication.

23. What is a meme or picture you've seen recently that has made you laugh?
I would have to:
  • find the image if I can, given it was on FB
  • download the image because FB
  • upload the image to DW's hosting
  • insert it here
and you know what? Can't be bothered. So I'll describe one.
Picture dogs sitting round a campfire at night telling scary stories. One is saying, "And then the dog's human left the house for a whole 20 minutes!" The other dogs are gasping with horror.

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