Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ashley is 7

We celebrated Ashley's observed birthday on Friday 1 May - she's now seven. She still seems like a teenager, with her smallness (she weighs just over 3kg) and her kitten squeak.

Here are three photos taken on Friday and in the weekend.

This is how Ashley greets me when I come home - she runs to me, squeaking, and throws herself on the ground to have her tummy rubbed, then I pick her up and cuddle her.

"Behold, the spottiness of my tummy, and the stripiness of my paws!"

Ashley standing on her tail. Taken at night, hence the quality. She wraps her tail round herself, then lifts one paw and places it firmly on her tail, then the other, while we count, "One, two!"

The shoes, socked foot, and chair are Greg's.
Tags: ashley, cats
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