Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Vic is back!

Vic is home, and without a collar! They kept him in overnight to see if his nose would worry him (and vice versa), but he was fine. They said he'd eaten but he enjoyed some soft food and is looking very happy to be here in the sun. I'm so glad he didn't have to wear a collar; there was a sweet little cat in one there and her owner said her had to take it off to let her eat, and that because she couldn't use her whiskers, she kept misjudging distances. Vic would not have coped well.

He's such a laid-back cat normally, it's odd how very stressed he gets. He cost us an extra $100 for a thyroid test because they said his heart rate was far too high (almost 300) to be mere terror, but the result came back normal. Thanks, scaredy-cat Vic! He howled all the way home in the car but as soon as he was here, calmed down and went right back to normal. This is why we leave him here when we go on holiday and let the neighbours feed him; he's a cat of location and habit, whereas the girls are more people-oriented and would be so lonely they'd go looking for company.

We have liquid antibiotics and painkillers for him for the next week or so and I'm not looking forward to that. He's extremely difficult to dose, unlike the girls. It will take two of us and possibly a tightly wrapped towel.

Tags: cats, vic
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