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Hacked off!

I've had my hair in a sort of Christopher Robin style--short at the back and an almost chin-length bob in the front--for two or three years now, and it's a nice style when it's smooth and looking the way it should. It doesn't after a walk in humid or damp air though, sticking out and looking a real mess, so yesterday I decided I'd had enough and had it cut back to the tousled boyish style I've had most of my life. It won't matter if it sticks out, and there are other advantages: when I lean over my view isn't obscured by hair falling over my face, and I won't be blinded by hair on windy days like today.

I've got blonde streaks in the top too which look good, but the hairdresser wasn't as lavish with those as I'd hoped. I wanted a more sun-bleached look, but it is almost winter.

OK, here you go: photo.

Taken at an angle to minimise roundness of face. :-P

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