Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Jasmin and knitting

I found Jasmin burrowed into my knitting last night, and called out to Greg to come and see something utterly adorable.

THIS WAS NOT POSED! Jasmin just loves borrowing under things. I think she likes the feel of the yarn as she often sleeps curled up next to my knitting, but this is how I found her last night.

It's a Who-inspired scarf done in rib and colours I like better (which are softer in daylight, I assure you) and it doesn't cover much of her.

Still, she stuck her nose under and went back to sleep. :-)

And this is how she was an hour or so later, curled up like a dormouse, but with her head still on the scarf. Awwww.

Tags: jasmin, knitting, photos
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