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Four cats and a weta

It's been a while since I posted any photos, so here are some of Claudia, Vic, Jasmin, and Ashley--and a weta one of the cubs brought in last week. The icon BTW is from a photo of Claudia, who often forgot to retract her tongue. I'm sure she doesn't mind being remembered this way. :-)

Four cats and a weta

Three girls together on the heatpad

Claudia and Ashley. Both of these were taken a few weeks before Claudia died.

Vic in a snuggler. We ended up buying three of these because the cats love them so.

Ashley and Jasmin: butter wouldn't melt

A twisted little cat: Jasmin sleeping. I have no idea how she can be comfortable like that, but she is.

Ashley doing her "come and cuddle me" pose. It works every time.

Jasmin looking very like Tessa did. She usually looks like herself but for some reason this and the next photo are very Tessa.

Jasmin in the sphinx pose

A deceased weta one of the cubs brought in. Wetas are native insects, and you may know our SFX company Weta which was did the LOTR work; named after this little guy. I've always liked wetas though my school friends of both sexes were often scared of them. I kept one as a pet for a while, but I don't think apple cores were the right diet. :-P

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