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Stray cat, and Claudia

Greg called me from the salon where he was getting his hair cut and asked me to bring one of the cat carriers over. A few days ago, one of the hairdressers found a cat living under the local diary (convenience store?) and wanted to take him home for the night as the salon will be very cold tonight. So of course I had to look at the cat. He's about four years old according to the vet she took him to, and unfortunately not microchipped (most animals aren't here) and is lovely! He's obviously been well looked after and loved as he's friendly and likes company and being held. He's at least part-oriental with a long face, green eyes, and solid light brown fur. I'm sure that if they can't find his owners (he may be far from his home) he'll find a good home.

I'd be tempted to see if our cats would accept him, but I don't want to stress Claudia. I think she's near the end now, being so thin, frail, and no longer eating much (anything at all today) or able to walk well. Yet I saw her jump onto the deck railings last week, and she did come outside with me today. I suppose the end comes quickly when they finally stop eating though, and I think she's hit that stage. I'm well prepared this time as she's been ill for so long; Tessa's passing was a huge and unexpected shock. I'm hoping that this time, for the first time ever, I'll be able to have a vet come here so that she goes in familiar surroundings. I just don't know at which point to call them. I don't want to end her life prematurely.

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