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Tessa's home!

She's groggy and drunk and falls over every time she tries to turn a corner , and almost fell in her food bowl, poor little thing, but it's encouraging that she's hungry and eating. The surgeon gave her an 80% chance of the graft taking and her keeping the eye, and it really doesn't look as bad as I'd thought it would. He'd warned me it would look "gross" but it's nowhere near as bad as it was before he operated.

Greg said he did in fact see her on Tuesday morning in her bed. He scritched her between the ears and saw her face: she didn't open her eyes but they weren't weeping at all. We wipe all the cats' eyes if they're 'gungy' as we call it, so he'd have noticed because Tessa's the worst. This makes me feel a lot better. She must have already been infected but nothing was showing.

She's on my lap, fast asleep, and has been there for the last hour or so, purring softly while I drew a picture of her around her from an old photo. The motion of the graphics pen is much slower and smoother than me typing and I only used the one hand, but she's so settled now, I thought I'd post about her--and around her.

She has four different aggressive antibiotics to take to kill the infection--two pills, eye drops, and an eye cream five minutes after the drops--and she goes back for a check-up in 8 or 9 days. The eye treatments have to be 4 times a day but Greg's working from home tomorrow to be with her, and then it's the weekend, so she'll be well cared for. [kisses her between the ears]

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